Even if there were political leanings of one or the other ESM Groups, the OROP was always  & now has definitely, gone beyond politics.
Veterans, families and widows, not only see it as their right, but over the years, seeing the level of politics & corruption in the bureaucracy & within the services, they have realised how they had been taken for a ride, through their entire lives.
Except for the emotional satisfaction they themselves drew from their tasks & jobs, within their own Units & groups, they were short changed through their entire service &  for the most productive part of their lives.
Let down by their own senior officers (Whose secret dealings they hid in ‘National Interest’), of different eras, at the behest of self-serving politicians & bureaucrats, they were and are left with no choice but to undertake this step,  which they had abhorred all their lives.
Within the Services too, we see  two Worlds-“The Exploited” & “The Exploiters”.
As awareness among the masses & society grows, unemotional viewing of these differences is leading to opening of the fractures within the rank & file, that we see erupting now, oftener now, than earlier.
The OROP Agitation is thus an exposure of the truth, that not only ran in the bureaucratic & political fiber of our Country, but also in the top ranks of Our Services.
This agitation is making the rank & file as well as “The To Be Soldiers Of The Future” aware of  the “Ungrateful Seniors”, bureaucrats & politicians they will be serving in “Their Self Sacrificial  Emotions” for their Mother Lands.
This, thus has very far reaching consequences, not just for the Services but for the Nation at large, which may soon be commissioning & enrolling men who will factor-in all these happenings and sign up  sans the passions that actually make The Services, “That Last Un-Failing, Un-Flinching Service”, a bastion, which an adversary can dare to breech only at the cost of all his blood, gore, life, as well as  total destruction of his war making capabilities.
This agitation is showing the  future and etching into history, how “Institutionalised Services” existing simply for the sheer “Love of the Country”, are undone at the alter of politics, graft and shallow limited gains .
Very unfortunately, by not backing their Services as well as the servicemen of the past & future, successive Governments have  show-cased & signaled clearly to the Nations of the World (many opponents), about how weak & un-imaginative the “Political Will” of India is, to take on adversaries in conventional or determined proxy wars and other unforeseen enemy manipulations of the future; Because India is, almost by design, creating totally subservient Defense Services.
Men in subservient Defense Services, will take very crucial time after battles have been enjoined, to find their spines (sans promotion prospects) to face, determined aggressors, across a no-man’s land, behind proxies or hiding in the tangled webs of cyber & endless outer space.
1962 is a classic example of such ‘Contracted Generals’ letting a ‘Bureaucratic Influenced Government’ and the Nation down.
Which World & wars are we preparing our Defense Services for? – “Services-Versus-Administrators”? Or “Money-Making Wars for Politicians’-Versus-Paying for Motivation of People to Lay down lives for the Country”?
It also signals to the World that India isn’t serious about strengthening it’s Services with the most important intangible – “The Motivation To Simply Lay Down Their Lives for The Love of the Land”.
I guess the Bureaucrats & Politicians do not believe it to be possible at all, else they would have recognised it in the frail  but determined eyes of the Veterans at Jantar-Mantar.
Most Nations appreciate “Selfless Soldiering”, over every thing else, even their reigning Monarchs & Heads of States, as their “Final Insurance”!  Bureaucratic- Political India on the other hand, is publicly, with every passing day, squandering it away by dubbing it as un-viable! Meanwhile Bureaucratic- Political India is shopping for more equipment & probably finding new methods to hide kick-backs or facilitation fees.
Bureaucratic- Political India with contracted Generals, has laid a very cheap price for the most rare and priceless aspect in the World “Price-Less Soldiering”.
– DK.

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