It all starts with standing by ones side in a “Fall-In”, leading to pushing for space, hiding the dishevelled, to standing up for someone else’s mistakes during transition from boys to men,  who then test these unique bondings in actual conflicts with an actual enemy threatening our very existence.
Yes Sir, not leaders or politicians, not honour, nor any utopian fervour is the reason for the impregnable security of a Nation’s borders or wresting real estate into it, it is only camaraderie of the men in Service that welds together unbreechable    fortifications & attacking echelons, that mark military achievements.

Recantations of which are heard over popping beer in the grey, wrinkled, get-togethers in later years as course after course fade into oblivion leaving trailing tales of how one or the other got punished or covered for minor issues during the service, that became the subject of mirth life long & after…

Army Commanders, Bureaucrats & Politicians

My Comments

Reference: Articles By Retired Army Commanders & Above.

(Recent ones being by Lt Gens Oberoi & Hasnain that are doing rounds on What’sApp and other Social Media).

Well split bile, is all I can say.

However I cannot fail to notice and state that the write-up, is just plain yellow as it’s metaphor.

Where is the mention of fixed responsibilities within our esteemed Services?

Why should these most logical and the actual missing link questions not be included in every such write up?

Hence such write-ups are very condescending – “Spoken from the high chair of the ranks once held that everyone below should swallow as it is in its incompletness?”

The sheer stupidity or brazenness or frustrated diatribe, is apparent in the links missing & deliberate omissions of questions like –

• “Who caused this state of affairs?”

• “Who alone could have done anything to stop it when they were Army Commanders and above, while youngsters of their generation of soldiers rallied on for the Nation regardless of calculations?”

• “Who were ‘in the know’ of these cunning political moves and prevented it from becoming general knowledge, even if just to maintain morale and also without doing anything themselves ?”

While I stand in solidarity with the uniform we wore, it amuses me to note that these Generals were incapable of saying all they have written, when it could matter most but now want to be seen standing with the Veterans without acknowledgement of their own failings?!

They can also start by returning the “Special Considerations” they received as pay, perks, post retirement benefits to keep political scheming secrets from the rest of the “lower ranks”.

While I respect ranks of these officers, their personal contributions and excellence, I cannot but ignore the fact that they accepted to keep shut when it mattered most and hence the botulism beneath their waning sheens cannot be ignored.

Any such “article” written by any one who accepted & enjoyed “extra & special pay not specifically a logical corollary of hierarchical pay structure but given as special considerations by the Politicians ” should either have the sagacity to start with an apology or include their regret in being “bribed” and having accepted such “bribes”, because what else was it that caused this state of affairs and men of their “Integrity” to shut up & be disloyal not just to their services but also to the entire Nation for weakening the very structure of its Defence?

Who else ccould & sould have known better?

These articles reek of the “Survival Instincts” of senior officers who are actually blameworthy of having perpetuated the chaos Services face today both, as embodied as well as Veterans.

Before I am lambasted for being “soldierly in-correct or inappropriate”,
I must let it be known and add that I have nothing against any of these gentlemen personally.

But, it seems lost on these gentlemen that, even the junior most retirees have grown in logical faculties enough, with the age they embody today, to see the inconsistent and the missing links in such articles.

Further, after so many months of OROP debate in the immediate, leave alone 60 years, isn’t every veteran already aware of all that is being written for months?

So, whats new in these articles being written?

Ok we will, not just can, accept this as a co-vetaran’s dribble, as an attempt to remain relevant, fine. He’s one of us irrespective of all else; But then, beyond that, it is nothing else.

Or is there any new substance or acknowledgement?


With best regards to these otherwise very fine officers, one even claimed to be with the highest “Officer Like Qualities” in the Indian Army.

He could just start out, by a quick display of just that, now that he has nothing to lose or does he have more to lose?

Intriguing, indeed, unless a spade can be called a rose.

I & surely many would like to know, just how.

– Dk