It all starts with standing by ones side in a “Fall-In”, leading to pushing for space, hiding the dishevelled, to standing up for someone else’s mistakes during transition from boys to men,  who then test these unique bondings in actual conflicts with an actual enemy threatening our very existence.
Yes Sir, not leaders or politicians, not honour, nor any utopian fervour is the reason for the impregnable security of a Nation’s borders or wresting real estate into it, it is only camaraderie of the men in Service that welds together unbreechable    fortifications & attacking echelons, that mark military achievements.

Recantations of which are heard over popping beer in the grey, wrinkled, get-togethers in later years as course after course fade into oblivion leaving trailing tales of how one or the other got punished or covered for minor issues during the service, that became the subject of mirth life long & after…

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