In political circles, it has become very fashionable to comment about the Defence Forces, particularly about the Indian Army, while addressing the Nation and we the bureaucracy cant have it better!

It is that holy cow which cannot kick-back and none can fault the politician for wanting to do some-thing for it, right or wrong, is immaterial!
The “Brigade of the Veterans” will ensure it remains in the public eye for a long time & until a better sound bite is conveyed to stir them into another round!
The bureaucracy may have to tip off the media though! And there is a fantastic going rate paid by competing media,for the tit bits, we can throw in hushed voices looking over the shoulder! Silencing of the ministers by the “Gujarat-nu-Sher”, has led more of these media wallas to our doorstep! These are good times for one to build a portfolio for that grandson, the Bahu is planning on, by just keeping our heads low, almost under a burqa of files; but you know, that stance has to be mastered. It should be just servile enough not to raise suspicion of the experienced minister and very servile for the first time minister or MP to believe he is the boss, until the time comes to redeem favours! It all  comes with experience, you know! 

A parade by us would have the doctors of all hues scurrying for a chance to research our spines for the miracle they are – always bent and yet such a threat to the politician and everyone!
It is even better if you are an opposition politician. That way you can kill two birds with one stone.
Promise, to the Defence Forces all the hidden funds you know exist with the Government for squandering or pocketing, thus denying it from entering into the pockets of the half sleeved kurtas or “kamandals” of the Sadhu, Sadhvi MPs! 
It also serves the “Prime Budding Future Ministers” well, to have people who have milked every holy cow in the Nation for 40 plus years around him or her! 

Yes, it is great! In fact ‘great motivation’ to know how every penny is stuffed into the slush by a Government! It will take the present dispensation some time to decipher “our” hiding places in the files, NGOs, Committees, et all..
So, raise expectations of the Forces and then let loose the “Brigade of the Veterans” on the Government of the day, while we gain time to build in sufficient moles in the policy being formulated, to be beneficial to us bureaucrats personally, latter!
After all these “Ram Rod Straight kinds” signed up to serve the Nation on their own and keep saying they are “Fighting for the honour of the country and not for the pay or pension”! 
Well they asked for it, you know!
The very sight of these “blokes”, some of who, it seem have never returned home from the far flung unknown borders they take special pride in having saved, invokes astonishment and are a sure spectacle for the TV & nuisance for the uneducated dolt who managed maximum votes in the last election –  These motley horde wearing fancy long forgotten shapes of topis, hats & even turbans! Many wear faded three piece suits & ties, some bows and scarves too, silks and chiffons swish with the cottons and the khadi, some even with brocade and real flowers all under the open hot Sun, hoping that this parade will be seen as their determination to move powers that be?!! Their wonderful articulation of suppressed emotion and the passion of charging bulls not knowing the direction they must aim their aging stiff limbs and lock frayed horns on to, is certainly a weapon we bureaucrats can put to good use!
If we bureaucrats can keep the goal posts sufficiently dynamic with various new formulations each time these faujis came any where near a goal, or a red rag of a comment waved out at them whenever they seem to loose steam then, sufficient commotion will have been caused by these bandicoots who escaped the enemy at the borders, to keep the Government under pressure and all attention media focused on the streets of renewed promises for the next election, with the ‘genuine grievances’ of the soldiers who managed survive their stifled fates, serving as hope to those who will retire young enough from enemy cannons, to serve us and their Nation again, but now as electoral fodder.
The best is yet to come!
In fact even Narendra Bhaisahab will have been kept under pressure well enough for the rest of his tenure despite all his yoga, eating his own Hindutva cake with enough inexperienced ministers serving him foot in the mouth!
The half kurta clad Yogi, wouldn’t even know whether to distribute the ‘special extra hidden funds’ that “The Always Angry Jet Lee” thought he had well under wraps, to keep his ministries & allies happy or to allow these foggies their extra drop of single malt with their “pain pulsating elbows” held at 90 degrees until the last drop was sipped & wiped!
Well this just, had to be so.
You know, we bureaucrats too have suffered. 

It was really time for the PMOs attention to be diverted enough from the biometric attendance machines & the numbers of files cleared. Our poor tired Chief Secretaries and down the file pushing hierarchy to the peon Ram Lala, had to again shut their eyes for the habitual siesta in the cool confines of the North, South Blocks of sandstone, the Parliament or even under the expansive lush green trees outside filtering the Sunlight just enough, come Summer or Winter, to sooth our pale skins & placid temperaments.
Meanwhile, the files containing futures of all politicians, as well as those soldiers dying or having escaped that fate and now seeking succour as old foggies, dragging their dignity around the ESM empanelled Hospitals, will be cleared depending on the ‘desires’ of the Ministers and how they cut the deck of goodies for all of us, all the way up from Ram Lala to the  alligator skinned, rimless glasses perched below dead pan calculating eyes of Mr. Chief Secretary, rubbing his fingers below his desk, out of an old habit, even while waiting for e-passbook updates of the promised cuts, to finish  their long journey from the dark to the white light of the screen observable honourablly by the World …
This democracy, it is tiring business!


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