​[22/11, 07:35] 
•When corruption becomes the medallion public choose, compete for & wear its illbegotten commodities with pride, the ‘have-not citizenry’ rues missed opportunities & those with a conscience watch in disgust & powerlessness of their virtues, then such a Society is depraved and is on a nosedive to the pits of sin, where the pressure of such ills threaten such a society’s breakup completely into serfdoms & financially dependent votebanks.

• India has reached such an impasse.

•Some bits of our Nation reached this distinction with the aroganance of the accompanied power, but a larger & vast majority achieved this incest with cunning, put on meekness, but surely intent on raping the society from within, like sullying one’s own family of its purity, innocence, as well as the trust of their respective scriptures, their future generations and elders; So deep in rapine of their societies are they, that they are even celebrating the illbegotten wealth from ‘contacts’ & ‘associations’ for ‘considerations’, that landed them in their opulence which, they are at pains to hide today, whilst singing along the populist tune & flavour of the day.

• Can this all really be “cleaned” as the popular sentiment suggests in the Nation today?

• Or is it just another “Jumla” by the powerful to rake in funds for themselves?

•Most ardent Prayers going up would suggest the latter!

• However the largest majority of the ‘have nots’ has already been rendered powerless with their responsibilities and the economy surrounding them. 

• All they have, to reverse their destiny is this one opportunity, which if lost, all its tools and methods will be covered up and catered for by the corrupt in the future.

• Such conditions lead to a wide spread romanticism & hope on the ‘One’ initiating the change OR, senseless crime & violence, especially when the administration and Police forces have been compromised by the plundering exploiters for their own reasons for many years. 

• Will the ‘One Man Deliverance’ be able to deliver against a such a heavy tide silted thickly with the hidden, meek accumulators, who are also the instruments the ‘Arbitrator’ has to use? 

-How far will they pull him down? 

-How will he shed them to gain momentum? 

-Will this silent smiling, meek & cunning burgeoning bourgeois allow the change or find crevices to retain & redeem their ‘illbegotten status’?

•Answers to these questions will decide the levels of the squeaky cleansing being planned and achieved as this war on corruption proceeds.

• We are living in a story and each day, a new page turns…

• Hope for the best and support can add to the impetus, motivation and the desired outcome of this war on corruption.

• Join & support yourselves not just Narendra Modi, in this first complete war on corruption.

– Colonel Dilip Kumar Sharma

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