The happenings in Tamil Nadu are not a failure of leadership, b’cos there was none. 

OPS was only standing in.

Public looks at events by the prism of their own individual priorities. 

Unfortunately for the individual in the Public & the Nation at large and therefore in contradiction but luck for for Politicians, the Public is never united because the majority continues to look at Politicians for doles and small favours to just live & exist.

Leadership may have been on the minds of a majority for the obvious reason that, even in the depraved state of existence of the poor multitudes, hope in our inherent values remain.

However, this present Legislative majority tug-of-war, is for the “Collegiums of Corruption”.

Sasikala, knows exactly, which MLA benefited and desired how much during Jaya’s life time.

That information & knowledge is being exploited now.

OPS, may have the Centre’s backing but that will also put pressure on the TN MLAs who wish to benefit, come hell or high water.

Thus the boat to ride, is the one with a Captain of known & similar record, than the one, whose Captain waiting in servility was elevated only because he couldn’t demand or get more from the power he bent to! 

He also seems is dependent & servile, to the promises of an yet unknown power at the Centre, that presently is on an anti-corruption “plank”!

What is Sure is the fact that the Centre, as the people of TN know that Jaya’s legacy is a still a very  “milkable” entity and it is only a Legislature seen to be the most loyal inheritor of that legacy, which can survive for the next two term.

Thus the Legislature, has thus chosen a boat with a deeper draft and a Captain who kept assuring them even during Jaya’s lifetime, that their desires “could yet come true”, even when outside Amma’s offices after they exited, wanting more or dejected. 

That is the only and the biggest advantage that is standing Sasikala in good stead today and is Sure to give her the lead.

Morality and loyalty of Politicians is only to the “Money-Money-Money”, not so much to any “Honey” or “sweet-will” for the electorate, which will await standing in unending lines for pittances not only till the next elections but sadly, also for the “leader” who could make the maximum money, even if to throw out doles to them in an absolute condescending manner of the earlier “rulers” of lands comprising our Nationality.

This equation, is true of all States.

Vote sensibly. 

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