India, Russia reject Pakistan claims of Putin’s offer to mediate

My Comments:

1. Amusing to see Pakistan run helter & skelter to garner support for its nefarious activities after 09/11 and breakup with the West. 

2. It seems to have taken Chinese support for granted, which will be seasonal, conditional as well as strategic in not just military terms but also in economic and political.

3. Desperation to come out of the “Mercenary Runner Organisation Mode” for the highest international bidder and now be known as a respectable nation is becoming apparent. 

4. This statement is also to show it’s own People (Loyal Pakistanis) that their Polity & Military is respected, accepted World wide and their international strategy & designs followed over 60+years are legitimate.

5. All signs of a failed state desperately hanging on to shreds of legitimacy for survival in the present mode and change respectfully by keeping the interests of the rulers safe.

6. That is a long march of sorts and very lonely too.

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