Declare unilateral ceasefire as India doesn’t want war: Abdullah to PM Modi


My Comments:
J&K Politicians & their generations, who were “Installed” by various Indian / British Governments for their complicity or representation of “their people” have done the largest damage to J&K.
It has never been in their interests to solve the situation, it’s always been beneficial for them to keep it on the simmer because, they alone got all the funds and were given the un-questioned authority to spend them over the years.
A public audit of all funds received by J&K Government since 1947 and their expenditure by the CMs from the Abdullah & Mufti clans Vs the development in J&K will allow the readers and the World at large to know the veracity of their intents and claims to “Leadership” of the people of J&K including Ladakh, Jammu & regions beyond the 15% land mass of J&K that holds a gun against the Indian Democracy and benovalence .
Both these parties have links with Militant Groups. JKLF has popularly been seen as a NC and Abdullah clan aided Militant Group, with may be many clones to hide connections, avoid scrutiny, etc.
Otherwise, utterances of these leaders are for the gallery or for paid media or worse maybe for their partners in Pakistan to gift them with their benovalence in other parts of the World through hawala etc, but definitely not to be taken seriously.

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