The depth of Indian black economy is so deep that, it can create any backlash or opinion as it desires.

Eg. Most English and many more News channels​ are corporate owned and businesses in their own rights, that profit from advertising corporates that need more advertising than those who have built reputations on credible products. 

Who will these be loyal to & create noise for? 

They are indeed difficult to fight on their turf. 

NDA has faced the burnt of this in the pre-election period when most of the media discarded them.

Probably for that reason too, the NDA has chosen to hit at the roots of this economy and cut off at least the illicit funding to their opponents while also gaining, by raising the bar of their own achievements and for the Nation.

The GST and other legislations seen in the last three years generally point to that.

GST of all other promulgations impacts direct illicit profiteering for undeclared agendas of Corporates & their Political cronies, who were the more resilient and prevalent ones since independence.

The groundswell support for the NDA, prevents Political opponents from publically & directly opposing the GST, but will ensure that they​ try and dent it as much as possible to influence the many mid-course changes and corrections that will be required as an continuous process over the next few years till GST stabilises and the parties that directly benefited get adequate time for readjustment or reconciliation or reconsolidation.

Hence, I don’t see the opposition ending, but feel it will grow & wane sparodically even though it will continuously become more absurd and immature, or the political parties will change, however distant that might be.

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