Terror will wane sooner, now!

The theme “Terror” as a low cost proxy, faceless effective weapon to destabilise resource rich geographies for economic & political gains, is too exposed & has started to be very prolifically used across the World to remain a covert politico-economic advantage to the ruling dispensations within the funding Super Power or other Nations! – An implosion of sorts!

The fact that, too many “Soldiers For Third Party’s Fortune”, around the Globe, have gone beyond their​ “given mandates” & opened up their own shops and agendas, sub-terrainian​ to existing & competeing World economies! 

These, independent agendas of “proxies turned disruptive entrepreneurs of terror”, have rattled more than the Global financial sharks!

Their independent schemes have in fact, shaken the beilefs of the electorates in their Governments, Super-Power and lesser beneficiary nations alike, across the Globe and even in intermediaries like Pakistan! 

This present state of “the golden egg laying, cheap goose” is doing more harm than just embarrassing the morality of World leaders, it is threatening their vert political existence in their Nations, not just individual constituencies.

For the above reason alone if not others,  “terror – the economic & military force multiplier”, is set to be shelved or discarded, at least for the present by ‘reducing’ or ‘cutting off’ it’s major funding directly or through the intermediaries & the embers kept on a tighter leash.

The total annhiliation of such “force multipliers” is difficult to fathom.

New political World leaders on the block, hoping to establish themselves in the ‘Whos-Who’ pecking order at home & globally will be hard to convince to give up their “cheap proxy muscles”, that may set their plans to fund their presidential visions & aspirations asunder, unless they invest in “World Peace”, genuinely by finding benign ways to fund their economies.  

President Trump is a case in point, who has an enviable choice to remain a “American Flash-in-the-pan-do-gooder” or choose to be “World Phenomenon”

After all, most of the G-20 leaders did look rather listless on the terror issue, while facing criticism at home as, they were and unsure of stating anything strong, in the absence of clear indications or a firm commitment from USA, especially after President Trump’s pronouncements on reducing ‘NATO & Climate Change Funding’.

Notable exception was the Indian PM Narendra Modi, who evolved as a leader, thinking of & dealing with the effects of terror over decades and seemed most clear on the way ahead for India as well as the overt and determined World with no hidden agendas. In fact he was the initiated into the PM’s seat dealing with terror, independent of Super-Power diktats or subtleties, except what’s good for his people.

Terror as a covert weapon and a tool of destabilisation and exploitation, is seeing it’s pallbearers arrive, though how loud & long it’s dying breath will be, is anyone’s guess, except that the investors will take their own time to extricate cleanly.

Only an, ‘errant stand alone Nation’ can now support, modify or justify terror under the usual names of religion, ethnicities, etc..

However internationally, consumption and greed to secure the individual National future, will continue to haunt the select rich Super Powers.

Therefore, the question that will remain for ever will be, what new tool or weapon of coercion and exertion of their desires, will the Super-Powers invent and use on poorer World countries laden with resources, who are unwilling to share to their people’s disadvantage with already well endowed Nations.

We are watching the begining of the end of an ugly era & weapon – “Terror” , that has been uglier than the “Little Boy”, the latest yet unknown secret latest  “Space or Nuclear Clean Weapon” or some other “weapon or idea of mass destruction”, in thought or execution whether, covert or overt.

Be vigilant, friends.

-Colonel Dilip Kumar Sharma

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