Beyond the Dhoklam Plateau standoff, neither China nor US nor EU are India’s enemies.

They are all partners in progress depending on how we manage our relationships despite the huge gaps created in our military capabilities in the last 70 years of self serving Governments, scared of their own Defence Services, thanks to political apathy, lack of knowledge & bureaucratic mischief.

Most of the rhetorical dialogues in news are propoganda, not just by the Chinese but also our opposition, be it Mulayam or Rahul Gandhi who, now like Pakistani politicians need an enemy state to be constantly hated by the public and their electorates scared of, for them to stay relevant .

India also happens to be one of  the most easily & heavily accessed & manipulated Nations by foreign intelligence agencies of the World, thanks to our politically maintained poverty, illiteracy & prolific democratic election schedules that literally need, tons of revenue in cash of any colour and by hook or crook.

On the other hand, aiming to undo years of military neglect, as well as that of the North Eastern States in general, India has in the last five years if not more, done what is the basic mandatory infrastructural development and military build up.

This was bound to spoof the  Chinese older perceptions and force them to try new military devices, at least during their annual military exercises and at that, in the NE sector very obviously starting from, literally from the “neck” leading to the Dhoklam Plateau standoff, nearest to the narrowest​ part of India joining the NE.

India and China are within their rights to develop and deploy their resources, military or otherwise as they feel right. This is bound to happen and only increase even if our trade and political relationships increase, because the Chinese like every other self respecting Nation of the World maintain what one of their thinkers said – “Political manouvering and military capabilities should be viewed independent of each other”.

It is we who have been complacent with our military capabilities for six decades, except when it was is thrust on us and we had to do something.

Media hype and internet rhetoric generated in our “Obtuse Free Media”, has also created a hysteria within the country and in the Chinese media that is otherwise mostly muzzled and speaks for the Government even when exploring with many opinions and voices.

By and large these issues are sorted out amiably between two countries and armies.

However for the last decade most of the English media is on an American-European romance and has not at all been objective or analytical.

India as a major, diverse & strategically located land mass in Asia, the second most populated & scientifically specialised Nation in the World and the most populated Democratic Nation of the World, is very special to all those who wish to stay ahead in the World.

India must thus, have a balanced approach to its neighbours and find ways to synergise with both the US, EU & China, rather than play second fiddle in various wars between the East & the West, be they market wars, commercial, or of natural resources, or of the military kind.

China too has a lot to gain from peace with India and I doubt if the Chinese economy wishes to afford a war with India or even Vietnam for that matter.

I’m sure our Diplomatic Corps will soon find a progressive way ahead of these costly posturing and manouvering, as the intent behind these is more important than the staring eyeballs and stomping feet, as done for years at “Wagha Border” with only dire consequences to the knees of the BSF Constables & Pakistani Rangers on Opposite sides of the border!


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