A Comment On: Kapil Sibal’s – A New Vision For A New India. (Published in Hindu 23/10/’17)

Mr. Sibal,
“A New Vision For A New India”, is what Indians get every five years and hence your article articulates nothing new. In fact it abuses the intellect of your franchisees.
Lets first see the boundaries of the vision, the land India and its people Indians, have wanted since Independence. These are few, simple and clear, as enumerated below:
A leadership That Is Honest & Transparent.
Regular time to time, revelations from recent, modern, contemporary history have shaken this belief to the point of betrayal.

Make public personal accounts (earnings, sources & assets left behind after death) of all political leaders since independence.

• A just leadership that lives what it preaches.

Polity has continuously demonstrated it’s utter contempt for the regular, normal and ordinary citizen except for the periods before elections, like now and your need to write this piece.

A comparison of promises, made before elections and fulfilled, at the end of those tenures will provide it.
An Administration That is Empathic To The Challenges Of The Common Citizen.
The bureaucracy has become an elite exploitative plundering bourgeoisie that is a fine & detailed repository of tricks to keep political coffers ringing regularly, with money from every scheme announced for the common citizen.
Thus, it is clearly felt across this pious land, that all schemes since Independence were basically devised with the prime objective of benefitting the politicians & their parties along with the administrators & contractors, with citizen’s schemes being only the advertisement covers to hide the loot!

Put accounts of every single welfare scheme announced, planned, scheduled in time, completed, claimed in the next election, under scrutiny of the public in the area they were ‘implemented’ in and then hold a referendum to assess if the Contractor/ IAS / IPS / MLC /MLA / CM, deserves the next contract, promotion and election.

Frame Laws That Provide True Democracy (Loktantra) & Empower The Common Citizen
How could the very laws, rules & regulations with appendices, annexures & interpretive notes that were framed executed & refined to the last dot, by an occupational force & administration, basically for exploitation of this land & people, to benefit contractors and a crown in a distant land for over 200 years, provide succour to the people they looted, plundered & systematically broke in spirit, culture & identity?
Was this lost on our early leaders, many of whom were educated in the West and in law?
Or was this part of a design?

Make the study, ‘Indian Laws: Then & Now- A Comparative Study of Laws For A Colonised & Democratically Empowered Citizenry in Pre & Post Independent India With Suggested Corrections & Additions”, compulsory for all PhD students across India for two years seeking opinions and recommendations.
Just, Empathic, Constructive Execution of Existing Laws
The Police that existed pre-Independence continued to exist as such without being redefined, retrained or reformed.
Coercive policing fine tuned to subjugate, has not become a forward looking nation building, sensitive force, at a stroke of a midnight 70 years ago. It has become a suppressed, subjugated, confused and a corrupt prostitute of political power divided not just between the Centre and States but also torn asunder by the IPS, Cadre Officers, MLA & MLCs and any one who can pay them to keep their flesh and spirit together.
What has our leadership done on that score untill now?

Let public know the laid down Police to Public Ratios recommended and existing year to year since 1947 in every District, the actual policemen recruited and how have the funds sanctioned for the pay and allowances for these numbers used.
Also make public the expenses incurred on training & police-men actually trained on ground with names for public verification.
Surprisingly many may still be alive to give your political arguments, some romantic credibility!
• The list is long but the main points need to be mentioned without explanations and proof which would generally be on the lines mentioned above. Some other main points are –
Forward Looking, Inquisitive, Creative, Freedom Seeking – Education.

• Better Communication – Travel, Transportation & Messaging.

• Administrative Divisions For Earliest Development Not Politically Exploitative Fractions Of Language, Religion, Caste, Sex, Etc.

• Equality & Uniformity in Laws, Treatment, Civil Codes.

• Understanding The Diversity of Cultures, Religions, Ways Of Life Of All Including Adivasis & Amalgamating These To a Constituent Nation and Not Pandering To Mining, Industrial Contractors and Tweaking The Constitution itself.

• Land Reforms To Cater To Traditional Land Holdings Held By Honour Codes & Word Of The Mouth Ethnic to India & Indians & Not as Decreed & Recorded Under a Stamp, Imperial to an Occupational Force.

• Making Internal Security An Imperative Not Sowing Seed For Secessionist Elements To Roost & Be Exploited.

• Making Food, Water, Fresh Air & Economic Security The First Every Day Priority.

Sorry Sir, you have long forfeited your right to speak at all.
Your article is, therefore hollow and will be read or appreciated by only “Bhakts” in the press or out of it on social media, for or against you in an unscrupulous dance to find favour with you or mow you down, in this shameless nakedness you and your ilk dance to the tunes you call Democracy, which took away precisely that from the people and have reduced our vision of democracy to an oligarchy of a family or a party, depending on the party symbol that represents only the way you Politicians exploit people.
You can not counter the points raised. You may only either sidestep the issue / issues or ridicule this write up and me, basically because you – my polity, were & are guilty of being blatantly unworthy of our trust and have proved it so every single time and again when you obfuscate and get away, as your article tries the same once again!

Further, you can do nothing to turn the clock back as it will open such a Pandora’s box that the original writers of that story would be put to shame.
To follow up and reply to these comments, try the recipes that provide proof as mentioned and extrapolate them to the other aspects listed.
I write without any remorse & also without prejudice to you or any political party; but only in disgust of all politicians affiliated to all Parties, as a very personal opinion that luckily your kinds have not been able to take away, yet.
Thank you.


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