The apparition that every enemy dreads most and Nations, Armies finally wrest their ground & pound of flesh with, is the calm flashing determined eyes, grinding​ teeth & blood soaked bayonets, khukries & talwars, closing in from amongst shadows swiftly, silently or piercingly, sweeping through the worst weather, as well as strategic, tactical, logistic snafus, as a mud & ice caked, blood, sweat, rain & sleet soaked single body of men with, spirits of steel & nobility of emperors, ready to sacrifice their everything, for what they reverently feel, their Army & Nation deserves, coming in to claim the rightful price for their National cause and fallen brothers.

Yes, that is –Your Infantry

which finally demands nothing more than, camraderie, humour- the more caustic the better, a hot meal, maybe a dry pair of clothes and a warm place to sleep, before the next engagement, while others seek to bring it, it’s well earned honour or, contest it from behind fancy equipment and polished desks.  

That people, is Your unsung defence, which can’t be done without nor, done away with 

– The Infantry! 

– Always At Your Service Whenever, Wherever & for Whatever Required.

– It’s for The Nation to Make Sure That the Cause is Worthy of the Spirit Which Your Infantry, is Sure to Employ Always.


With Deepest Regards To The Serving Infantry and With Peace, Remembrance and Deepest Reverence to the Spirit That Drives The Infantry In Eternity & The Spirits of Our Brothers, the Sentinels Over Every Boundary Pillar of Our Beautiful Land, Comrades Who Allow Us To Celebrate This Day As A Nation Well Secured 

Happy Infantry Day

Col Dilip Kumar Sharma (Retired)
Fourth Battalion The First Gorkha Rifles

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