•I’m appalled at what was done at Jantar-Mantar, once again.

•This also assures everyone that either, the PM has lost it totally Orhe glibly accepts what his IAS & IPS tell him. Either way, a staunch BJP supporter, I now know that he has more tolerance for political buffoons in his party who get him votes through political tom-foolry and raising funds for the party by hook or crook than, for those who sign up for laying their lives for securing a Nation, in which some knaves can play their “Ruler or Sewak & king maker”, games in.

•Either way most charitably, I feel the PM, needs to reminded of some facts that seem to escape him due the filters that the bureaucracy seem to have built around him or other considerations have clouded his “Sarv Dharm, Sambhav” for the most basic of the Nation building ‘Dharms’ –

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