•The beginning of a nation are the most important moments.

•India began by getting its spirit & shape through its fantastic, unique apolitical Constitution.

•The Constitution, needed a body as strong as the spirit it espoused.

•By the time the apolitical Constitution could give birth to its equally idealistic limbs & body, this gem of our Constitution had attracted the existing interests of the Contractors-cum-Politicians, in the emerging new order.

•The shape of this fantastic spirit, thus got hijacked & translated everything the Constitution stood for, to a mix of political interests aimed to retain all of the exploitative environment that benefited a select few as it did during the Moghul and British slavery. 

• The cutting edge of a very few limbs like the Defence Services, Press & the Judiciary remained apolitical, only because of the difficulties in doing so or being overwhelmed by the illegal profits already made!

• Thus, we created an extremely free, progressive soul & stuffed it in an exploited body that was now bonded to new masters – The exploiters of people’s faith of today.

 • Successive generations & an exploited economy on the brink of disaster, opening​ up to the World, gave large majority of Indians the actual taste of their Constitution.

• However the limbs of the Constitution, meant to implement the letter & spirit of the Constitution, remained enslaved to the exploitative contractor-politician nexus.

• Exceedingly​ growing levels of awareness,  education & RTI, are making the a/m nexus untenable against the ground swell of demands for entitlements bestowed to the Nation by its Constitution.

• This then is Our Republic, the growing, 70 odd years Young Nation, strong in spirit but yet to find its full body potential with many parts, undiscovered laying lost within its remote geography as well as in the unawares population living working, hand to mouth in its burgeoning smart cities.

• Even as Politicians and their contracting devices pull India asunder, opening​ it to exploitation & corruption, the spirit of our Constitution is spreading making masses aware of their rights, making them do, create & alter all kinds of slavery, past & present, thus moving the Nation, even if ever so slowly but definitely & surely towards the well set goals & along the guiding compass enshrined in the Constitution.

• The journey through the morasses​ of heavily corrupt, exploitative, enslaving stagnant backwaters remaining in the wake of the Mogul & British exploitation of the past,  the present & ongoing “Political-Contractor-Auditor-Administrator-Nexus” with all related & resultant ills & happenings, has neither been and nor is going to be easy especially when a prostituted media blares ills of one political affiliation on us to espouse the fairness of another. 

• Our Republic Friends, is gaining its momentum and the thickest of the dark environment holding onto it, is finally letting go it’s shackles.

•True worth of our freedom is yet to be experienced and gauged.

• Stay braced for the best for, the drivers of this Nation are changing.

– Dilip

*Happy Republic Day*

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