Turning The Venerated Saint Valentine In His Grave !

•Valentine’s is a corrupted but popular day with youth in the absence of another occasion to express and feel their freedom, the World over.

• Bigoted too have this day to assert their political presence, the World over.

• We have our own.

• I call it corrupted in the West too, because the Saint did not exactly license it as a day of free sex as some organisations are making it out to be.

• He just made it a day of sharing natural desire to love in circumstances that extreme orthodox Christianity created in those days, that may or may not exist today.

•Unfortunately the extreme right groups are creating that exact situation, through their bigotry, though for political reasons only!

• Otherwise banning the Arya Samaj / Court / Other such Marriages un-escorted by parents and grandparents and other grands would be a better place to start a religious-social orthodoxy and also forcing everyone to start wearing a dhoti, pajama etc..!!

• Or banning seductive songs from nuptials in every community at every 40 Kms of the length and breadth of the country, where customs change should have been a better place to start!!

• Or would acceptance of Burqa would be a better thing?

•Who can stop a consenting adult couple from becoming lovers?

•None. At least not outsiders.

• The openness with which a family brings up their kids will decide if as young adults they laugh at such occasions or use them with responsibility or misuse such occasions.

• Hasn’t Navratri in Gujarat become one such occasion and for nine days continuously? There are statistics for that!

• Valentine’s day has no official status.

• It is a just popular social practice being followed since the day of the venerated Saint and adopted by the youth across the World.

• Why is it popular, Has never been asked!

• It is popular and was required in orthodoxic stagnation of a very natural desire amongst the young to explore their boundaries of the emotions of love, as separate from the love for brothers, sisters and parents or relatives.

• Our uncontrolled exploding population proves every second how stupid some amongst us are in running around bushes trying to stop love and sex!!

• I would love to hack into the mobiles of these moral-policing retards and check what they do with pornography!!!

• Let’s give ourselves a break and delve into how to improve education so that what ever that the young do behind bushes or these dal-wallas do in their privacy is, healthy, physically and mentally, not create a circus of the ridiculous.

That’s my two paise bit on what the Western Saint and our own Kama-Sutra proponent Rishi have in common and my interpretation of their thoughts for the present day.

Keep debating.
It will sure add to this tamasha 😃

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