President, PM & Sridevi – The Controversy

• I have read most of the comparative comments doing rounds on Social Media on this topic and am saddened by them immensely, not for the actor or the soldiers nor for the Head of the State or its Chief Exec, but for us, the gullible people who are being treated as morons by the writers of such posts and tweets!

• This is so, because on a different note the under mentioned also merits equal attention:

1. Soldiers and actresses are as different as cheese and chalk hence just not comparable!

2. Every Nation needs to encourage and respect all diverse aspects that it’s society appreciates, enjoys and wants, as long as they are beneficial to the Nation and not against it. That includes, Soldiering as it does its, Art, Culture, Sciences, Education, Society, Statesmanship, Politicians, Finance, Industry, etc. The list is as extensive as is the vibrancy of the Society of a Nation. None of these can be ignored, none can overshadow the other, none has priority over another, except in very extreme times. Even then, the strength of a Society will remain in the diversity of activities it can undertake at once, in times of crisis.

3. How so ever we criticise it, Bollywood is both, liked by the masses that India is, and also provides much wanted revenue, as State, Central taxes as well as foreign exchange and more, even from our ‘so-called-adversaries’, Pakistan, China as also from the Middle East nations, Russia, SL, BD, the ASEAN, etc not to miss out on the Indian diaspora across the Western World!

4. Sridevi is an awardee of a National Award and the State authorised her the State Funeral as per provisions in the governing rules & regulations of the State & Center. It was not due to someone’s individual fancy or oversight. Neither Bureaucracy nor Polity would want to invite trouble or criticism on an issue as temporarily emotive as the last rites of a popular figure when it can be easily handled.

5. Gaudy orr elegant, euphoric or depressed, home breaker or maker, Sridevi ruled the box
office and the hearts of millions across the Indian & Global populations earning not just fame for herself & the film makers, but also gave enough and more returns as earnings & taxes than any other actor in Bollywood, to the Indian Financial System in its entirety.

6. Staying on the revenue aspect, each of the movies that Sridevi starred in, carried them off singularly and those, that stood as grossers on the box office day, month & year after year, she sent back more revenue to the Indian Financial System, than many enterprises put together. What happened to all that amount is a question that political parties governing India and the financial systems need to answer not the actor! It’s like asking a martyred soldier, ‘What happened to the peace that you died for?’. Meanwhile, the excellent actress kept doing what she liked best, just as the soldiers do that which is their passion, ignoring all intricacies leading to happenings around and beyond!

7. Yes Apples and Oranges are not comparable just as soldiers and actresses are not, however over the Social Media, some preverted political minds would have us believe, that by tweeting condolences for Sridevi the President & the PM belittled a soldier?!

8. The targets of such posts, clearly are the political entities and the “time pass emotional gullible users of Social Media – us“, not the deceased or the martyred.

9. The Super Star, Sridevi and the brave Martyred Soldier, are only being used as vehicles to subtly create & plant a political narrative in the public, by remorseless minds who think that the population intoxicated with What’sApp is senile enough to lap up all such propoganda.

10. That is a question each one of us have to ask ourselves, how gullible are we?


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