• Does respectfully ignoring actions of the arrogant & conniving, emboldened them & weaken you?
•Ignoring the question of strengths & weaknesses itself, is a better choice?
•Is choosing one’s aim in such a situation, for example choosing between – trying to improve the environment or being at peace with oneself, the moot question that should decide the course of action?
•If a combination of these is advocated, what should decide, how much is “enough” for a befitting riposte & will such an action coming from a person generally not viewed as an equisential, help at all?
•Does the solution lie in constant strife and continuous push back?

•In a fast populating World with reducing recreational spaces in the environment and in the minds, answers to these questions have become essential skills to happy, healthy, community living.

•While its all individualistic, a society has to start understanding the politely silent to avoid loosing last few who are happy not competing in the theatre of the absurd & un-urbane, that urban living is slowly regressing into.

– Dilip

(Painting Credits with Thanks – Rito Prieto @Fine Art America)

Good Morning Everyone


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