LEADERSHIP-1 : At The Inception Of A Team.

The basis of leadership is the team being led!

• Putting a team together physically & emotionally attuned collectively & equally motivated, mentally coordinated & prepared to do anything for the mission & each other is not just a dream but, it is the basic work of a leader at the very inception or at the very beginning of a task.

•Occasions where such team building is simultaneous as the mission progresses are, either commitment oriented where every member is selflessly keen on being on the team for the sheer experience & thrill of it, or the team members have been keenly selected for such cooperative indulgence.

•However most times, diverse specialities are required for a mission or task with varying degrees of involvement, being put together from diverse unconnected fields for best, unique & competitive results.

•Such common situations generally result in, either a detached limited commitment by some in the team or bruised emotions & sensitivities by others with limited or imagined roles.

•These commonplace situations call upon a dynamic leadership to conceive, foresee, assess and make remedial interventions well in time to avoid the team falling apart due to internal competition and the mission being compromised.

•The qualities required by leaders who lead teams facing such challenges day in & out in diverse fields of the Corporate World are the most foundational and yet at times the most difficult to muster.

• Positively, these qualities are easily developed with some efforts, if identified in time.

• These qualities, in short are –

~ Acceptability: Foremost, the leader has to be able to build his/her own acceptability amongst each of the team individually and collectively. This is as simple as it can be hard.

~ Nonjudgmental: Being nonjudgmental & trusting of the unknown members, enough to learn about & attune each member to the task on hand.

~ Ego: Putting aside ego long enough to be able to correctly assess the basic emotional & motivational levels of each member to bond and perform as a team.

~ Education & Knowledge: Learning, enough about each member’s special competencies so that the leader is able to call upon & apply these specialities, innovatively, in optimal measures, at crucial times to maintain the team’s momentum, snatch the initiative from the competition or change the narrative to the team’s advantage in the field the mission is launched in, is of paramount importance.

Clarity: The leader has be clear that the competencies as tools & weapons, are available to the team, through individual team members alone and these can be applied effectively only by the motivated & active involvement of each individual members, alone. Cross functioning of competencies can be fatal.

~ Respect: The above mentioned competencies will be available to the leader, as essential tools & weapons, only through mutual respect within the team members for each other, the task and most importantly, in their leader.

~ Bonding: With all the above mentioned knowledge, respect & acceptance in control, a leader can set a team on a good course of bonding together & individually, that will hold up the team as a league, a close knit body of competencies with a lot of flexibility to face any dynamic competition as a fast moving weapon retaining the initiative & momentum of its own narrative in the chosen field of contest.

• If the above mentioned is in place, a team will automatically be very well placed on the starting blocks, to undertake a challenging task whenever an opportunity is presented in any field.

– Dilip

To be continued ….

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