Of Husbands-Wives, The Tango & The Tussle

Between the stories of masters & their pecked-at-slaves, is a resurgent but a beautiful natural emotional World of love, care, procreation, responsibility, accountability, even while striving for building individual independent identities, achievements & soulful satiation!

This is also the natural order of the cosmos as seen in the nature surrounding us too, be it amongst microorganisms, the living seed-parent plants or fledgling-mature multi or monogamous animals, or the unemotional centrifugal & centripetal forces pulling both ways & yet maintaining the awesome momentary delicate balanced spectacle in the tango between galaxies, eclipsis, dancing or crashing entities, we sometimes see in space & in the non-living World!

Yes, every Couple has a World to themselves as well as to make the best of, build & hold wonderful memories, stories to inspire, educate their & our future societies, colonies, from beneath our feet to the horizons of space!

As humans we are just a mere set of entities endowed with lot of emotions to create and shape our participatory Universe, amongst uncountable more out there, yet unknown to us.

Let’s take ourselves a little more lightly! -Dilip

(Inspired by Ms Leena Pranjpe)

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