Life & Destiny

All existence, wether raging torrents or gentle gurgles of merriment, runs individual courses meandering across lifespans to its ultimate fulfillment, that destiny always, is.

The dynamic alone is its life, neither did it exist as such before, nor will, after.

Each moment is unique & incomparable to its own, very next.

Other lifelines may walk or float along, some may even dive in or adventurers attempt to block it too, but the momentum of destiny of every existence, always runs its full course, in its own suitable meanderings & time frames, subtlety or torrentially.

Existence is the merriment of the surface ripples, waves & swirling whirlpools, as well as the strong eddies & heaving currents scraping, pushing, sculpting the deep bottom of the, very core!

The thrill of existence is its dynamic uncharted flow.. Go with that… Enjoy it, that’s all we have.


(Pictures & Painting Credits to the Fantastic Photographers, Publishers and Painters, with gratitude)

Have a great day ahead!

Good Morning Everyone

(Pardon & correct the typos.)

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