•Beliefs are always acquired mental anchorages for psychological comfort & are at best inflexible supports or at worst fuzy ideas of how the World should be or conditionally gyrating everything to a single point of view; but they are always debatable & never the original – ‘by birth’ attributes.
• A belief held by someone may not always be true for another person.
• Beliefs provide comfort in a life we create for ourselves.
•Everyone lives their own lives with different beliefs or none at all.
• Each is right and has the freedom to live an individual life.
•Neither can one live others lives nor can one debate another’s belief.
•A point of view from a single belief may lead some to pronounce judgements that suit their mind sets & provide comfort from that perspective.
•The truth for others may stem from other beliefs & find pronounced judgements silly, offensive or plain stuck up.
•The World, lives of people, circumstances & times, are dynamic & continuously evolving to adapt to the immediate or sustained requirements of the new ever changing dynamic in their own individual little universes.
•For example, a belief that necessarily made banging of feet on a tarmaced drill square in a weird manner an achievement, may change to an arthritic belief in later years!
•The only attribute nature built in to the DNA of all species at birth is of symbiotic existance & tools for that are love, understanding, acceptance of the other as they be with their attendant failings at various instants of their lives.
• Sometimes our own need for our own gratification in our own way, overrides the understanding that others too hold their beliefs in their own ways. Thus we ride roughshod, sargent-major style, on acceptance, understanding, love & attributes for symbiotic living.
• Isolation may not be a natural option, coexistence is in many ways a necessity. Symbiosis happens by going back to the DNA, not by species snipping and whipping each other because their very own beliefs have been violated.
– Dilip

Live & let live, happily in contentment.
Help where you can.

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