Public Lynchings Of Policemen & Anyone on Suspicion.

( Picture credits to various news media with thanks -Lynchings in Kashmir, Assam, Delhi, Maharashtra, Kerala- Lynching pictures could not be traced and the unplanned concrete jungles – Our Cities that need Policing! Do we have it what’s required to do it? – All political parties in all States have converted their law & order machinery to the same sad state & they seem to thrive on it since independence – Very sadly, nothing new has been done at all since then“. )

●The system has been systematically corrupted by the politicians, over years for ‘Party Funding & Election Funding’ & worse they are today not social workers, but goons & gangsters masquerading as pious.
● Look at the facts:
– The Police Act revisions are not in keeping with the current demography or crime expectancy.
– Recommendations of various Police Commissions to improve/modernise the State & Central Police Organisations have not been ratified & implemented.
-The above facts are more dismal in the case of Police Forces at the State level, the first legal & Government responders to a crime, because :
• Lack of numbers, training, education & crisis management skills are nonexistent.
• Morale to take initiatives is in the boots due to poor Pay & allowances, political interference.
– How does one expect a guardian of the Law of the State feeling like a labourer, to act against an errant MLC/MLA or Landlord with low morale & no training?
– Pay revisions have not been current or updated to the present social economy level.
•Recruitment has not been current with the changing demographic shifts, crime rates & criminal modus-operandi. Thus the manpower strength is half of the required resulting in no or less backups.
• Exploitation of this poor state of finance, morale and ability of the lower rungs of Police rank & file is almost complete.
● This suits Politicians to:
– Carry out illegal activities in the name of Parties & its funding.
– Masquerade law as legitimacy for their party goons to act with immunity in the grey zones of the law and public patience.
– Such use of the Police rank & file corrupts the Police too, individually & collectively as a corrupt body operating at the Thana or even at higher levels.
● The situation is worst in the hinterlands having rich irrigated Farms, Mines, Forests or anything else to exploit financially.
– In the areas bordering the Urban & rural there are clashes between the pained but unawares population and the exploitated Police.
– In Urban areas it is a battle of wits between the aware & unawares, each side hedging to see how much law other side knows and how far legally the other sides can take a dispute.
– Over worked courts too prefer issues to be settled amongst aggrieved parties rather than add another case to their itinerary two years down the line!
● These weary population and Police Forces provide the best environment for parties to grow in numbers, as people take their problems to MLCs & MLAs for resolution rather than to Courts (or Banks for finances) giving the politicians more power and enslaved vote banks!
– This situation also provides ruling State Governments with liquid funds meant for Pay & perks of authorised numbers of Policemen and organisation development.
– In addition Politicians hire Police Wardens from their own party rank and file consolidating their hold on vote banks.
● This has been in vogue since Independence in the Center and States with varying degrees.
● This knotty problem is not going away soon unless it is dealt with full intent, its like arresting or killing Dawood.
●It will continue to thrive just below the surfaces we live on.

● Existing Police reforms reports are now antiquated. New studies will take time in studying, reporting, being ratified by the Parliament and implementation would take some time.

●Few politicians can push such an agenda, luckily India is at the right point in time for that! But how much can one man deliver?! It needs all of us and more it needs us – united!

◆ So vote with responsibility for your present & future generations.

– Dilip

Make a change every day, everyone👍🏼

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