Perceptive Communication For Leaders

Interactive critique is borne from positive intent, it pulls teams to act & achieve together.

Criticism is the opposite end of team communication, it germinates from insecurities that splinter organisations.

Cynicism occupies the vast middle spaces, representing the nervous, deprecatingly humorous fence sitters, who are too scared of the unknown outcomes, to be counted either way. This lot is with the team, but works in ambivalent negativism, till the tide turns favourable! It is also the worst form of undeclared & hidden cowardice that grips almost every team, hidden behind a facade of loud bravado.

Each type of communication is representative of the personalities that people hide, behind masks of civility.

Good leaders perceive each kind of team members, early enough to keep them hitched together, acting & communicating honestly till individual needs merge into collective goals & splintered individuals transform into teams.



#Leadership #Communication #Team #Teambuilding #GoalSetting

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