Patriotic Politicians & Political Parties

The measure of patriotism of political parties in Government across the World, can be easily gauged by the thought, resources & care they provide to those institutions & organisations that are very essential for the existence of the Country they govern, but do not provide the party returns in terms of funds to expand their coffers or vote banks.

Political Parties are hence basically profit making enterprises.

The more they downsize the most essential but politically non-profitable services, the more dividends operating capital & financial killing they make for their own existence, which they have to earn in the continually shortening terms at the treasury benches, that voters are giving them.

These short terms have become the trend in an India that is slowly awakening to political machinations, market-economics & geo-strategic aspects of the nation’s existence from a Nation of romantics worshipping ‘elders’, ‘creation’ ‘existence’ and is collectively easily resigned to fate in peace rather than fight for its rights.

Given corrupt curators of the administrative expertise & swindles within the constitution, that Indian bureaucracy has modelled itself to be & as experts too, to survive & do so profitably without accountability & fear of prosecution.

These bureaucratic mandarins seem to have convinced their profiteering partners whom they now appear to use as tools of the trade and rever publicly as masters with bent spines only in sycophancy, that the use of most of the essential ‘non-profit’ services can be done away with by the sheer weight of intelligence & diplomacy alone!

Thus a picture of complete deliberate profiteering by Political Parties at the cost of the long term Strategic interests, emerges very clearly.

It is futile to expect any Political Party in the existing landscape and background to really put its weight behind restructuring the Armed Services, Police or other such essential ‘non-profit’ services beyond that, which is necessary for their politcal survival every five years, alone.

Modernisation of these essential services takes just too long for Politicians to take a gamble while in their short terms of power to risk handing over profits to the opposition during materialisation; and if kickbacks are paid in advance then these result in long running legal battles to prove scams!

Lovely parody & pantomime, but at a very dangerous gamble for the common Indian on the street!

No wonder so many politicians stash their loot and real estate abroad – They are convinced of the chaos they are creating!

This is true across the World.

-Colonel Dilip Sharma (Retired)

2 thoughts on “Patriotic Politicians & Political Parties

  1. DK a good analysis on why the police force in India is using WW II vintage weapons and why there are still coffins flying in the air.


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