The Conscience & It’s Physicality

The Cosmos is an energy field & everything else, it’s resultant manifestation.

Each manifestation of this energy has a potential, inert in form or a dynamic one.

The conscience is the dynamic reality driving an otherwise inert physicality it manifests in, transiently.

One provides the purpose, cause & energy by absorbing vibrations from the surroundings or creating it’s own effervesce, the other is the physical medium, which vibrates to radiate its spirit’s individual ardour, as contributing vibrations to a Cosmos full of them.

Salvation of every entity, every moment, is in addressing & servicing both its aspects regularly, keeping them as homogenously synchronised as they were at their origin; interacting with surrounding vibrations harmoniously enough to coexist & cooperate their collective passages through time & space achieving the purposes they are destined for.


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