The Glue of Bonding

We must realise that, what creates music & keeps friends, families, communities, organisations, Nations together is – Trust

We must trust that everyone is acting in his/her best interest.

Beyond that belief, our contributive honesty & integrity, will format our thoughts, words & actions which in turn will exhibit our intent of what we want to do in/with that space, environ, group, or to the person we wish to relate to; else we must realise we are not in control of our own thoughts, emotions & consequent actions.

Trust alone is the seed & catalyst of clear thoughts for cooperative, symbiotic living & happiness, thereof.

Unwanted, duplicitous, surreptitious enforcing of thoughts or an individual group’s thoughts in an trusting environ, is mischievous even if shrouded in playfulness, it will sooner or later be dealt with equally, in time & depending on how patient the exploited environ wants to be of us.

Trust alone creates & provides great teams, that carve new futures from the left-overs of lack of or misuse of trust.

Aligning with our team in honesty & with integrity provides the satiation of doing our best irrespective of the results.

If nothing else, we must trust just because the untrusting will never be trusted again with the same purity as before.


Colonel Dilip Sharma (Vetaran).

ICF Leadership & Executive Coach

Painting credits with thanks to Samuel Haile.

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Good Morning Everyone

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