Everything & everyone is either a form of the basic elements or is the elements themselves, beyond the hyperbole of genetic heterogeneity, which maybe a diversity due to resource availability or the creator being bored with the monochromatic & nothing else!

Who knows?!

In essence thus, we & everything ours is all, just Star Dust!


The other essence is an omnipresent spirit or energy, that creates, wields, manages & recycles all these funny forms by a part-time live-in relationship in each of these forms, while they are manifest as such.

All other divisions of region, religion or others, are unnatural & proof of the possibilities of the fallibility of the union of the live-in partners or, their severance from their larger realities!

These divorces, within the temporary duality in every form & between the varied manifestations, create the dynamic loosely called “Our World”!

These “Worlds” maybe many, one each considered exclusive by every division & species!

Who knows? Unless an Ape starting at the cosmos, or a stone unmoved for eons, speaks or we fathom their vibrations!

The number of “Worlds” thus, could be as immense as the number of forms, unless imagined or seen in totality!

Which “World” are you in & going towards, today ?!!

Meanwhile, enjoy the form & station you are in now, keeping your part of the larger omnipotent-spirit within you, as unpolluted as possible and synchronised to everyone & everything else around you!

-Dilip πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜Šβ˜•

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