Of Celestial Energies & Vibes

~Subtle vibrations stirred my soul,
gradually encompassing my environs,
until I too,
became the frequency & the wave,
of your notes ….
~Your play, Krishna,
entices me ……..
the humble cow-hand,
the only clarity of very confusing journeys through eons,
~You the naughty little thief,
the only guide to feuding hate filled humans race…..
~Balancing mountains of issues,
You trapezes through times,
dealing practically,
issues of all times with ease,
extracting essence like butter from its complex source……
~O Essence of all essences!
You encompass all facets,
that are to be known and more…
~How do I see you as the singularity & just-One ?
~Resonance of Your singular notes,
sways the entire Universe in uninhibited pleasure,
attending each atom in creation,
as though You alone are them……
~Ride aboard with me O’ Lord,
across the waves of here & now….
~O Musician of the Universe,
Let Your tunes clear my choices,
as I twist & turn,
through your creative games here & now…
~Be my constant companion,
Be my charioteer,
Dear Lord…….. – Dilip

(Painting Credits with Thanks to Shiva Hadimani)

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