An Ode To Our Soldiers Fallen In Insurgencies

“An Ode To Our Soldiers Fallen In Insurgencies”

..Into the harm’s way walk the romantic volunteers…
…motivated & heady saviours of our nation…

Political Parties view them, as competition to be left alone to do the dirty work but exploited later…

Politicians view them as fodder for deliberately skewed policies, to exploit factions & later promote secularism, with cuts & percentile from developmental funds…

Every crevice, cut & fracture
in the Indian social fabric,
is a thriving exploitable playground,
for political separatist ambitions & opportunism…

The Nation meanwhile stands in dilemma,

between nationalism spewed from the ramparts of political stages & media screens,

and the gory cold battles being fought by volunteers,

to stitch together all hairline tears, crevices & fractures,

in the very fabric being actively torn asunder by their elected peers …

Into this quagmire,

draped in olive, khaki & disruptive,

volunteers march and into the harm’s way,

that has the potential to ruin us entirely,

except political ambitions…

Boots mired in the exploited waste of politics,

heads held as high as only romantics can,

nationalism reverberating through their souls,

propels them along,

to the next fracture & eskwed,

policy locales within…

The martyred & those served are dubbed perk & pension seekers,
severing off the very base of nationalism in politically greedy & selfish strokes…

Thus also opening new exploitable, fractured groups of avenues,

lined with ex-service voters,

to garner support for funds to stuff into new syphons…

Glory be to our ancient land & ancestry that,

amidst even this dynamic chaos,
new generations of youth emerge,
with equal romance, nationalist pride

& the burning desires,
to be recognised

& to do the worthwhile…

…an asset misused & unvalued…

…yet, into the harm’s way shall walk for ever a new romantic set of volunteers…

Rest in Peace Brothers in Arms,

India Stands in Honour & Gratitude to You & Your Spirits That Stood in Harm’s Way of That, Which Could Have Landed On Our Door Step.

-Colonel Dilip Kumar Sharma (Veteran)

9 thoughts on “An Ode To Our Soldiers Fallen In Insurgencies

  1. Why can’t there be a humane solution for this..why so much of blood’s just not tolerable..

    How can a piece of land be more precious than human lives..


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