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After the 1971 war, the entire country was
rejoicing and celebrating the win of India
over Pakistan. This war was considered
one of the greatest which changed the
geography of the sub continent. The war
which earned the title Durga to Indira
Gandhi! The armed forces were feted
everywhere and appreciated for their
impeccable service and courage.
Although our country lost 4000 soldiers
and 10,000 were wounded and scared for
life, the pain was masked in the victory of
the country. They had to continue their
life in the forbidding world.
But what happened was an utter tragedy
and back stab.
A bunch of bureaucrats who knew
nothing about armed forces and their
sacrifice introduced a new policy to
ensure that the Armed Forces was cut in
size.Mr. K B Lal who was the Defense
secretary was the main culprit who
recommend the changes in the pay scale
of Armed Forces.He headed the Third Pay
Commission and suggested two points:
-First to abolish the separate Pay
Commission to Armed forces and
included them under civilians.So
according to the rule,’a trained infantry
soldier with three years of service is
below a skilled labour’.This was the most
inhumane decision which hit the armed
forces badly.The Infantry Soldiers are the
ones who stand in the first line of
defense, they are the ones who bleed
protecting every inch of our land, they are
the ones who constitute 90% of the
– Second suggestion was to reduce the
percentage of pension for armed
forces.The OROP which was active till
1972 was cancelled in the Third Pay
Commission under Indira Gandhi.So the
soldiers served for 15 years and went on
pension life at the age of 33-35 years. His
pension was 70% of the basic pay and
officer’s pension was 50% of basic pay.
But majority of the soldiers used to retire
at the age of 50. On the hand hand
civilians pension was 30% of basic pay,
but remember they served till 58 years of
age, where as a soldier cannot serve till
58 years.
The third pay commission raised the
civilian’s pension to 50% and reduced the
army pension from 70 to 50%.Further the
government put mandatory 33 years of
service in order to get full pension. But
when many people refused to this move,
as an eye wash the government reduced
the mandatory service to 25
years.Therefore the soldiers got just 30%
of pension after 15 years service and 50%
of pension after 25 years service. So
basically the government cut the armed
forces pensions from 70% to 30% and
raised civilian’s pension from 30% to
50%.The only reason no soldier raised
their voice against the then government
was because they trusted the
government so much believing that it
would never betray the son who fought
for the country.
The Indira Gandhi government made this
move very cleverly.The entire process to
cut the armed forces was done after they
won the 1971 war and just 2 months after
Field. Marshall Manekshaw relinquished
his post as Chief of army. So they made
sure that Fd.Marshall Manekshaw, the
most powerful person of India could not
oppose the government.
The Last target was in fact none other
than the most famous and respected man
in the army and countryFd. Marshall
Manekshaw.Generally once elected as
Marshall, the person never retires, he
continues to wear the 5 stars on his
shoulder till end. He is entitled for pay
and allowances for life. The bureaucrats
and the government who were extremely
jealous of his name and popularity cut all
his pay and allowances for the next 36
years of his life.He was left with no pay,
no facilities by the Indira Gandhi
government and the government which
succeeded later.It was the most heinous
act ever done by any government to a
man who won the 1971 war for India, for a
man who lead his life with at most dignity
and served India with all respect!!!
A total amount of Rs 1.60 crore was due
which was to be paid to Fd.Marshall
Manekshaw. In the year 2007, Dr APJ
Abdul Kalam who got to know the story,
immediately took personal interest and
made sure he got every bit of money he
earned as a Marshall. The money was
handed over to him on his DEATH BED in
the year 2007 June, just few days before
he breadth his last.
Isn’t this a National Tragedy?? Could
there be a bigger betrayal than insulting a
Man whose every drop of blood fought of
our Mother Land?
Today those Congress leaders who speak
about OROP and soldiers should first look
at a mirror and ask themselves what
morality do they have to speak on OROP!
What rights do they have to speak about
Today Rahul Gandhi preaches Modi not to
chest thump about Surgical strike, even
though Modi had not spoken a word
about it. But does Rahul Gandhi know that
it was his own grandmother who had
claimed that she won the 1971WAR for
India in the Congress Manifesto??? She
did not even mention a word about
soldiers in the successive elections she
04/10/18, 23*46
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1 thought on “Betrayal Of India’s Armed Forces? Source: Postcard Dailyhunt 04/10/18 Page 1 of 1

  1. Where is the Guarantee that the next sheep won’t turn a wolf. Politicians of all hues are the Demons of the World. past present and future – We – you and me shall fade incognito sooner than later. So will they be. Changes & Transformation is the norm of this universe.


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