Saving Pakistan From Itself.

(Painting Credits With Thanks To Helene Norton)

Engaging Pakistan is a desirable known, but now is not the time.

For the very first time in history of the Indian sub-continent, Pakistan Army & the ISI are unable to hide behind their propped up political proxies, like Imran Khan or even it’s sponsors, latest being China while, earlier UK & US & the covert sponsors like Saudi Arabia, UAE or others requiring a mercenary outfit for covert operations, are in painful denial to their own people & in various stages of severing ties, as diplomatically as possible, hoping the best for the future.

The ploys & bluffs of- “Dialogue With Pakistan -A Nuclear State, is A Must For Sub-Continental & World Peace”, have been exposed and put out to be Globally tested as an open, though tacit, referendum by all populations of the World to see & judge if their own leaders, Governments & nations are with or against the, corporatised terror generating criminal generals of Pakistan, in their own country and World wide.

For the very first time after the holocaust of WWII populations of the World will be able to judge the intents, motives & methods of their own leaders & Governments for themselves directly, but now in real time, if at all the terror around the Globe, trained funded & seeded in Pakistan, is in fact of ‘holocaust’ proportions or a holy war by & for the pure.

That is the new soft power India wields, today.

This is the new paradigm for democratic nations as well as all democracy desiring people of the World, irrespective of country boundaries and this is bringing severe accountability on leaders & Governments across the Globe.

India stands to gain from this situation, which it has forced on Pakistani Army.

India must curate it well for futuristic mutual development & gains, before engaging ‘Democratic Pakistan’ again basically, because that entity doesn’t exactly, exist except as a facade accepted by the Super Powers & others who need Pakistani Army’s mercenary services.

For the first time also, the real powers in Pakistan, the Pakistani Army & ISI are facing the heat internally & internationally, directly.

Political stooges of choice have been exposed & shown to be, too weak to shield the covert power wielders, in what was to be a land of the pure alone.

The sponsors, of mercenary Pakistani Army & its for hire Intelligence Agency in the West, Middle-East & East too, are stuck in quick sand of their own making, by India simply calling their bluff openly, publicly & Globally by placing the powers running the “Land of the Pure Sinfully” on the anvils of Global humanitarian values, very softly with velvet gloves but steadfast firm hands after all the hugs & usual attempts to make peace peacefully were scuttled by Pakistani Army.

It’s almost as if all this was planned as a single thread of one grand design, yet it was something that had to happen someday.

The trigger may have been India taking unilateral action to settle its own local affairs itself & recognising India’s right to self-defence. The World too, backed off from interference & is publicly supporting the truth.

However before Indians slump into a romantic victory lap of sorts, that’s usual in Indian media, it must be clear that rogue intelligence actions are neither turned off like a switch, nor do they ever go out of favour of those who want to put them to rogue uses!

Mr. Narendra Modi led Indian Government has also demonstrated a political will to engage without heavy gloves if needed, by undertaking separate “peaceful irritant-removal actions” right below the noses of the global mercenaries, without ordering a War; at the same time engaging in the existing good will-treaties, economic ventures, etc in feeding & assisting innocent Pakistani population & it’s economy to remain at their best under the sorry circumstances created by their own self serving Army.

What does India gain from this? Well,

Firstly, the age old pretence of parity of – economics, politics, military, etc & nuclear deterrence with India, are all getting discounted slowly.

Secondly, Indian ‘Space Programmes’ have clearly set the pace & placed India in the strategic league of Super-Powers & far beyond the local rabble rousers.

After all if India can accurately land rockets on Mars it could do so with any payload, anywhere on Earth.

Thirdly, conventional militarism has been kept to the stunted minimum required for the Defence of India, thus letting interested ‘weapons manufacturing superpowers’ maintain ‘conventional military’ balance at the minimum in the subcontinent.

After all, mercenaries are known to be irresponsible with surplus weapons & soldiery, read as “non-state actors”, it has been proven by Pakistani Army’s ‘Razakari’ misadventures since late ’40s, to the Non-State-Actors in Kashmir & Kargil recently and the Lashkars blowing up Western Cities, all launched from “Land of the Pure Turned Sinful” by an Army of that “All Powerful One”, empowered on Earth by WWII allies insecure about a spectre of advancing Communists & a greed for the resources of Central Asia!

Fourthly, under the changed circumstances, Pakistani Army may be forced to agree to Indo-Pak political resolutions & not scuttle them, even before the ink dries on the parchments their proxies sign as has been happening in the past.

Thus giving rise to a clear impression that, sponsor Governments, corporates & economics in the West, East or the Middle East, did not want peace in the Indian Subcontinent, being as much a part of the problem to peace, as Pakistani terrorists are!

Fifthly, dialogues on easy challenges may be taken up first & for longer lasting solutions than ever done before, as India has been insisting.

Sixthly, a middle ground is being created that the Pakistani Army may need to indulge in to survive & remain relevant within Pakistan & around the Globe.

Seventhly, the Kashmir issue may not derail summits as in the past, except find mention as a fig leaf for local Pakistani consumption.

Eighth, overtly or covertly the exiles & getaways of Pakistani Generals in West & Middle East may be threatened adding to the pressure on, the behind the scenes ‘Military Junta of Pakistan’.

Ninth, Pakistan may come to the talks with lesser posturing, as it’s Global sponsors back off, at least openly.

Tenth, the initiative will be more with India till it leads the World’s Public Sentiment against Terror forcing democratic Governments across the Globe to back off from Pakistan at least overtly.

Covert Intelligence connects don’t disconnect easily nor early.

As mentioned earlier, this a paradigm shift in which, Indian intelligence diplomatic economic corps will have to keep their ears to every ground vibration, measuring pulses & timings to fine-tune actions for max gains.

This advantage, won’t last for ever, either.

Further, these aren’t jack boot operations with definite & limited aims & goals that Pakistani Army is used to & has been used for, by its sponsors.

These are free wheeling forays into a distant future & vision, with immense wide ranging far reaching, not just planned aims, but wider opportunities, with many immense emerging possibilities that could over time, become multitudes of specific goals.

A lot could go wrong too; but much has already been gained to turn back.

Pakistan has reduced itself to a Global Joke – Monkey with a sword masquerading as a saviour of a peaceful & pure faith, faithfully serving Global rogue operations.

Only India, facing the burnt, since the inception of this unholy nexus has the geographically & immediately placed antidotes & balms that Modi Government is rubbing, hopefully in well measured strokes.


Some additional comments from Twitter in response to an article by Maj Gen Harsh Kakar in “The Daily Excelsior” :

Col Dilip Sharma:
Nice article Sir. If I may add:

By ‘No Talks’ PM Modi has addressed:

• Pakistani Army’s “Decision Maker’s’ to change.

• Intensified a civilian backlash in Pakistan against its Army & it’s stooges.

• Forced into open, Pakistani Army’s, internal, covert & Global dealers of, terror & non-state actors, to expose themselves or hide deeper.

• It has shown Pakistani Economists & it’s Army, the benefits of an alliance with India, even against the strategic allies of Pakistan who only have goals other than just Peace in the region!

•Realisation has long dawned on the Army HQ in Islamabad & the rest of Pakistan too, but has it has yet to be seen as effective actions for or against the basic benefits of good neighbourliness.

• The “No Talks Stance” has forced Pakistan to be exposed stark nakedly to the World of Real Economy without Pakistani ‘Domestic Industrial or Agricultural Economics’ helping in any way other than crying for rectification doles.

• Nor is India, on which Pakistan is a parasite directly & indirectly (by crying foul on Kashmir & Subcontinental Security Parity) helping with this stance.
• Therefore, momentarily today, Pakistani Army stands threatened internally & economically Globally with few ‘Get Away Options’ but the cheapest & best – Dealing with India peacefully, directly, by accepting its nonnegotiable & other negotiatible, options.

•This will take time. After all so many aspects will have to be settled, that just do not want to be! – Non-State Actors being one & the other most important being the repository of Intelligence & Real Geo-Politics Pakistani Army had its hands & necks into completely with almost all Super-Powers!

• On a lighter note, each Pakistani General is better than a free Julian Assange & a direct eye witness too!

•Pakistani Army is so deeply invested, as an entity & individuals, in looting Pakistani Economy & other ‘Global Security & Allied Stake Holdings’ that it cannot just pull the plug & shake hands or run.

•However reality’s dawned as never before & this time directly & in an non-negotiable manner, very polite & firmly.

•Reviews of exile options, I’m sure have begun in the homes of at least some, Senior Army Generals & other wheeler dealers.

•Will the US & NATO afford an economic & political budget to Save Pakistan from Chinese & Russians in, the developing Global narratives?
• Or Will China & Russia also put in their bids to own the Intelligence & Mercenary Capital that Islamabad has stashed away?
•Or Will India finally benefit in developing a strong, sensible & peaceful neighbor?
The wait & watch, this is definitely going to be more interesting than any cricketing World Cup to observers, IF ONLY the People of Pakistan, Neighbouring Nations & the World, were not subject to the “Gruesome Blood Economy” Pakistani Generals run & earn out of.

Colonel Dilip Sharma (Retired) ICF

An Independent Observer


Maj Gen Harsh Kakar’s Article:

India & Pak- SCO via @ dailyexcelsior

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27 thoughts on “Saving Pakistan From Itself.

  1. Dear Daleep,
    a lovely article n very aptly articulated in giving out all possible facts. Recommended that kindly send it to English Newspaper publication house for publication. Fabulous 👏👏🙏
    Col Kishore Padhy (Retired)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “After all if India can accurately land rockets on Mars it could do so to any payload, anywhere on Earth” ….i like it
    and this should amply serve the intended message to the rogue state(s) at large..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dear Dilip, A very comprehensive and well analysed article. Under the present set up India is well on it’s path to being recognized as a Superpower. Hopefully good sense would prevail in our neighbour for fostering peaceful relations. Because to ensure it’s existence that is the only way out. The oblique reference to home media who jumps to conclusions is very apt. Would love to read a full article on IndoPak relations . Chou

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Dilip…a beautifully written piece….from the view point….of an Army personnel.
    You must publish it in some news paper.
    Pakistan is finally getting exposed for it real quality.
    India… actually never gave a serious thought of dealing with Pakistan sponsored terrorism in a firm manner.
    With Indira Gandhi…no more on the scene and with Atal ji trying to better things beyween the two countries by establishing a friendly stance….Pakistan mistook India as someone who would and could not retaliate
    But with Shri Narendra Modi ji helming the matters of the country….I think….the pay back time….has finally arrived.
    India certainly will not remain a soft target …
    any more….as our PM. has begun to expose and weaken Pakistan….systematically.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Well researched article reflecting in-depth and incisive analysis, of the use of terror by Pakistan’s establishment and its Army. India’s ledership has demonstrated political will and its right to self- defence this time by doing a surgicle strike. The message is loud and clear. Pakistan has created Frankenstein and their own existance is in danger.

    Liked by 1 person

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