Monsoons And Fate

(Painting credit with thanks to- ‘Unknown’)

(Painting credits with thanks-Gulshan Achari)

Every ripple spoke,
every leaf danced,
the tipper tap of every drop,
became a background score,
to the symphony & hope,
nature, peacock & frog songs…

rain laden winds lashed,
and whistled past
my contemplative window….

Yes, nature gave hope,
to the improvised farmers and
their tormenting governors alike,
‘Just one more season’,
they prayed,
hoping hope would hop
their aspirations into the redemption still afar..

eternity of this status quo,
without investment, is what both sought…

The moist wind in my hair,
rain in the face,
my bike raced me drenched,
through the splendor,
Vasundhra laid across the ends of its infinite rainbows…

As columns of sunlight,
teased swaths of rain,
my melancholy returns…

The road of my eternity alas,
is miniscule
compared to the eternity celestial lives of Earth’s seasons enjoy…

We & our young,

like all the transient greenery around,
may unwittingly witness changes,
that may not remain,
the romantic lores that abound…

Unless we learn to be one with nature,
and harvest it like the mud itself, that we too are,
the cycles of this elixir & life itself,
will space its sparsity further disastrously,
but definitely silently, without ever announcing a war….

Meanwhile in the times we have and live,
listen and record
the calls of the birds, bees with the colours of the rainbows,

before eerie weird adaptations are enforced,
adorning Vasundhara
in colours unimaginable, unknown and chaos…

More ethereally, the whiffs off warm sugary tea,
with the fragrance of pakoras & chutney interrupt me,
to live my balances,
with indulgence a glore,
Vasundhra must await my sampling of her gifts right here & now …


(Painting credit with thanks: Gustave Caillibotte-The Yerres 1875)

#Monsoon #Rains #Environment #Water #Life #Nature #Joy #Happiness #Philosophy

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