(Painting Credits & Thanks: Jay Cheshes in Salon, France)

(Cartoon Credits with thanks: Michael Ramirez)

(All Credits with Thanks to the Cartoonist)

“Real World politics has strange bedfellows only because, money, power & the nefarious need mutual survival fixing

Col Dilip Sharma (Retired)ICF

Post WWII & Post Colonial Great Britain, must have celebrated the appointment of a British Chief Of Army Staff to head & give direction to the New Pakistani Army in 1947 & get an opportunity to retain strategic frontiers, with opportunities to foray into resource rich Afghanistan, Tibet & Central Asia & fight or stall the march of Communism into its areas of interest in the Indian Ocean.

Great Britain brought up Pakistani Army to ensure its own interests & through it the interests of its Allies remain successful in the Indian Subcontinent with respect to the then USSR & an emerging China, by a series’ of measures aimed to maintain long lasting influence, under an excuse of giving the fledgling Nation an identity different from India, but so consuming that Pak should remain subjugated in thought for ever to the Great Britain & it’s Allies.

What were these measures and actions?

What were the main stages of Pakistan’s metamorphosis, that have led it to its present sad state?

Measures that gifted Pakistan to an Army & metamorphosed the Nation for 70 yrs to its present demonic state, in my opinion are as follows:

1. Existing British Colonial Laws that subjugated & handed undemocratic almost colonial favours to those in power. Most of these have remain unchanged, unchallenged and have given the Pakistani Army a legal fig leaf of succour.

2. Creation of new generations educated on a syllabus & history tweaked to ensure a new bigoted identity different from India, rooted in Anti-India Anti-Hindu Anti-Asian & a deeply embedded fear psychosis against an Indian take over! All this to ensure the primacy & supremacy of the Pakistani Army remained unchallenged as the only savior from this preconceived threat.

3. Brainwashing, a thus traumatised population, to align with the new Pakistani Muslim Arab identity in the Middle East & weening it away from the subcontinent using an extreme perverted version of Islam as an attractive elixir. (Arab oil having gained importance as a strategic resource in WWII & for economy beyond 1947. It suited the West well & was a handy tool to raise a committed mercenary Army).

4. Highlighting importance of maintaining a strong Pakistani Army by periodically but continuously initiating wars & proxy conflicts with India as a safe guard against the democratic aspirations of its own people. Thus converting India into a regulatory tool for maintaining the Pakistani Army’s supremacy in the country, it now owned.

5. Ensuring Pakistani Army Generals got all the importance & visuals in all foreign affair dealings, thus projecting them as the best inheritors of power to deal with post independence chaos existing in the Nation.

6. Attempts to regain a legally acceded J&K with Kabilis (Razakars/Mujahideen) mixed with Pakistani Army regulars in 1947, initiating 1965 war & the treatment of East Pakistan as an exploitable colony till 1971 & then the bogey of J&K created an aura of strength, giving hope & romanticism to the new Nation about its Army’s capabilities amply supported by the West.

7. Meanwhile Pakistani Army did what it’s mentors wanted – provide mercenary manpower & logistics to Allies during Cold War & beyond, thus cementing intelligence links between ISI, CIA etc that developed into a “Dark Old Errant Boys Club” as funds got siphoned & diverted off for personal & other causes within Pakistan and amongst lobbyists in UK & US if not in other countries.

8. Subjugation of the Pakistani-Nation & operating for Funding-Masters became the Life Line & the main line of business of Pakistani Army Generals, who are deeply invested in real estate & financial endeavours World wide from the ill begotten wealth, with help from those countries intelligence agencies and now form an extensive conglomerate of terror, drug, weapons, exploitable resources & Global politics.

9. Whenever World & Pakistani Civil Society’s clamour for Democracy threatened Pakistani Army or demands of its paymaster & funding-siphons increased, the Pakistani Army’s turned on it’s own Nation, making the environment more vicious, repressive, bigoted & fanatical based on fear, hate & extremism. If the opposition became stronger, a ‘Free Islamic Kashmir’ or blowing a war trumpet against India, became the norm. All this was basically, to continue business as a cosy club that took Western Aid through lobbyist, passed on percentages all around, shined off a lot of it within the Army & created a sham on ground for paid World wide media that bandied Aided Projects, as great achievements. It was/is a good business that anticorruption agencies or media of conscience may follow up sometime in future across the Globe. All artificial, like the silicon implants, remain & leaves lasting evidence!

10. Afghan crisis elevated Pakistani Army to new levels of mercenary involvement & new siphons to settle Pakistani Elite abroad & sucking Pakistani Nation into a vortex energised by strong forces but fickle as tactical mercenary engagements are and those which have kept the Pakistan Nation, unhinged for 70 yrs.

11. The 9/11 Twin Towers collapse, forced mentors of Pakistani Army & their Allies, to move more with the dynamics of their people’s demands than, entirely with what the lobbyists in Governments or subverted Intelligence & State Department equivalents wanted. The entire funding chain went cold, when exposed to full public view.

12. The Pakistani Nation was accused & suffered worse for the terror coming from the conscription of the sons of their soil by their own rogue Army; but even through this crisis Pakistani Army Generals thrived, as the intelligence secrets of the Allies they held, had cause for hiding and thus became dearer!

13. Meanwhile, new economic paradigms evolved and conflicts gained new dimensions.

14. Multipolar Boardroom Economic conflicts took over from heavily armed bigoted mercenary boots hiding within populations across the Globe.

15. Exposed, Pakistani Army Mercenary Intelligence & Foot Soldiers lost currency & swag.

16. Brainwashed bigotry & mercenary factories in hinterlands of Pakistan asserted themselves, blackmailing the Army itself & turning against it.

17. Lack of development & hope in a malnourished economy, dried out by its own Army, left Pakistani citizens choices of either going abroad or other no good options of – penury living, insurgency, Islamic bigotry, Govt or in the Army as regulars or casual labour Jihadis.

18. Meanwhile, years of subjugation took roots and demonstrated nuisance-value, became selection criterias!

19. Rapists, plunderers, arsonists & murderers qualify as good Jihadis! Smugglers, as economic & logistic coordinators! The mercenary machine creates novel schemes for the depraved.

20. Sadly, true Islam & the majority of brutalised simple good Pakistani human beings are left with no saviors.

21. Sadly, a happy economically secure Pakistan never had much use for a self-serving Army since the time it was handed over a Country by the British Generals. No wonder then, that Army never fought with enough candour anywhere after WWII and that too as an Indian Army!

22. Ironically, Pakistani Generals and exposed mercenaries are of no use to shrewd polished economic diplomacy that depends more on votes of their populations & their well-being for tax collections than corporate lobbyists can extract from shady businesses.

23. Search for new mentors Eastwards in China & Russia does not suit present lot of the Pakistani Army Generals. These countries have very different dynamics, but definitely not ones to fuel Pakistani Generals interests in the West nor are these Nations desirous of providing lucrative exile or exit options. Western intelligence agencies too watch these parleys closely at least till the worth of the secrets hidden remains necessary, beyond which the pack of cards is surely to fall in time.

24. Today, that is the new fear gripping Puppet Governments & a Demonic Pakistani Military State, that was meant only for the Pure!

Sadly an economically strong Pakistan that is in the interests of the Pakistani population, India, the Subcontinent and the World, but not for the demonic Pakistani Army, it’s servile Polity, the subverted Western Intelligence sleuths and their lobbyists in those Governments.

Interesting emerging side show!

Colonel Dilip Sharma (Retired) ICF


1. These are personal original independent views of the author and any semblance to any other writings if any is purely accidental. 2. All these writings are subjected to copyright and must not be reproduced in any form without permission & due credits.

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  1. Brilliant
    U may like to add the origins.
    1. British efforts to quell INAtrials of 1945/6; effects on RoyalIDF, police, leading to decision for transfer of power on 21/22Feb 1946;
    2. Crucial co-option of Nehru, Edwina into Churchill’s plan thro Mountbatten in Dec 1945 at Singapore
    3. Deny northern areas GilgitBaltistan (ceded by Raja to Britain, just as Rayalaseema was, by Nizam of Hyderabad) to India, to prevent INA-USSR thrust into MainlandIndia
    4. Comprehensive defeat & withdrawl by US forces in Vietnam, aided substantially by Drugging of soldiers with Opium, (as advised by NetajiBose to HoChiMinh), enraged & further distanced it from India, & made it closer to Pak

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A good article. My comments.

    1. The people of Pakistan and the Pak Army ISI are not seperate. They are of the same motivation. Pak Army remains a highly respected institution in Pakistan. So seeing them as separate or thinking that the Pak citizens are for good governance, against Pak Army, etc is incorrect.
    2. The Islamization of Pak starting with Yahya Khan (and not Zia) is a major issue. There was an ex ISI General who was the Pak Education Minister! The education system in Pak is throughly Islamized. Even Islamic Studies are Islamized – Sunni and Shias study differently after the initial stages. These books caricature all minorities – Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Ahmadiyas, etc. They have never lost a war in their own text books! Even 1971, when Pakistan lost 60 percent of its territiry has been twisted as a victory!
    3. After each War & defeat, Pak Army has managed to usurp power.
    4. While Punjab dominate Pakistan polity, and it has been easy for them to get away with killing, abducting, raping, looting Balochis, Mohajir, Sindhis; Pahtuns are a different kettle of fish. For the reason that Pashtuns were the co brothers of Punjabis in riding rough shod over Other Pakistanis.
    5. Pak ISI has a brilliant understanding of various Islamic religious groups and terrorist organizations. Ahle Hadish, Deobandis, IS, Al Qaeda, LET, Jaish, various other groups have sharp religious differeniations. They are not the same. Pak ISI Exploits their differences to use them for its own ends.


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