Poetic Politics

And Our Poetic Times! 😁

Divided We Live, Fight & Die!

Between Sharks, Barbs And Condescending Platitudes!

Manipulated, Exploited, Compromised By Hope, Promises & Dreams!

The best politician is a goon,
Who will get you earlier than soon…

Administering complex structures,
of economy, industry, religion, emotions & lives,
needs the most devious minds…

Survival of a nation in a real World politic,
depends as much on the cunning as on the silly & brave theatrics…

‘Machiavellianism’, betrayals, manipulations & the deceptive,
are the tools of the trade that feed on virtues taught to brainwash voters at the hastings…

The virtuous fail & stay out scared,
while the devious rule the golden eggs, in the roost…

Mankind has yet to see a virtuous leader,
who made it & remained atop long enough without cheating or ado…

No politician does good,
only for the people who entrusted him,
its his party coffers first & only through his HQs loyalties,
that his Nation is addressed…

Third party national loyalties are the only best,
soldiers get to lay down their lives for,
professionals stake their careers on,
and farmers, people get to stake their lives & futures on …

By the sheer power of goodness,
or just for it’s sake,
it’s difficult to find a national saviour,
who’s an idealist, statesman, a real Mahatma, Lincoln, Degaulle, Bradley, Mandela, Jaiprakash, Vajpayee or a Patel …

Masquerades, sham & the bombast,
are what people lap up in comfort & romance,
attuned by the romance, escapades on silver screens & stories dished out,
in media & less than smart mobile scams..

Well, that is all people of the World & Nations,
gated in country, sectorial, religious & race boundaries can settle for,
for they will always need their best goon to represent them at high tables of other international goons,
when they have the best to bid for….

The poetic justice of our times,
is to be only served by hosts,
who have a hand deep into our pockets,
and another holding a noose around our necks…

Dream not for a Golden Sparrow,
That’s almost extinct,
Vote rather for a conscious stricken man,
Even if he protests vehemently & blames you of,
Staking him to be a martyr….

That friends in short, is the story of our times…

Col Dilip Sharma (Re-attired)

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