You are an infinite fraction of creation,
The calm isle, in a raging dynamic world,
Home to the all-seeing calmness, reading deciphering all near & distant,
Accepting the vibrant for it’s role,
With twists and turns of tides & time,
Compliant to the forces of creation by default,
You remain the nerve centre of your own creation….

Spray & mist from the environ here,
Creates angels & devils in your mind,
Caressing & stinging your choices now & then,
determining your joys & bliss?
Impatience fights or runs from the devils,
Or seeks pleasures frolicking angels in the mist,
Tears of joy & anxiety add to the haze,
Blurring your tranquil isle from yourself ….

Look within your own
‘Fraction of the Infinite’,
Decipher the mist, haze & fog, against the beauty of your reality,
With faith in the portion you are of your own Creators core,
Seek & recognise the calm isle that you actually are,
deep within what you are….

-Col Dilip Kumar Sharma

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